Learn to Code with AI and Hands-On Labs

Master Linux, DevOps, Programming, and Cloud Computing with interactive tutorials in virtual environment, aided by an AI assistant
All Hands-On Labs

All Hands-On Labs

Our courses focus on hands-on labs, rather than video tutorials. This approach helps you learn coding skills much faster by practicing real code in a fun and engaging way.

AI Learning Assistant

With AI assistant powered by ChatGPT, you can get immediate answers to your questions and receive personalized tips to solve any problems you encounter while learning.

AI Learning Assistant
Convenient Online Learning Environment

Convenient Online Learning Environment

You only have to log in to our site to instantly complete labs in the virtual environment. Anytime. Anywhere. No need to install or equip yourself with tedious extra software in your local environment.

from USA
LabEx is very helpful. It’s an excellent environment to practice several courses. I would like to use the system to learn cloud. I enjoyed and learned coding using the environment with ease. Thanks LabEx teams. Good job!
from India
Awesome tutorial and great environment. I’m also impressed by the clear explanation. LabEx is the best platform I’ve ever used. Thanks for Linux introduction! Hope to see how rich course collection you have. ^ ^
from Singapore
I thank to LabEx for the beautifully designed website to practice online. It feels like we are doing in front a direct machine. I love this type of learning with great labs that are easy to understand and work upon! Thank you so much once again!
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