Labex registration recharge manual

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    Labex registration recharge manual

    1. registered

    After entering the labex URL, click Join for free.

    Enter the email address you need to register, set the labex account password and verification code, and click Sign up.

    Next, the mailbox that the user just registered will receive a confirmation email. After the user logs in to the mailbox and clicks the activation link, the registration is successful.

    Finally, log in using the email address and the password you just set.

    2. Use coupons to top up

    Refer to the figure below to come to the top-up page.

    Enter the coupon number and click Confirm.

    You can see that the recharge has been successful and you can start the experiment.

    3. Buy experiment

    Click on CLOUD LAB, select the experiment you want to purchase and enter the details.

    Refer to the image below to purchase with credits.

    Click Start Lab to enter the experiment document.

    Referring to the figure below, click StartLab to actually start the experiment.

    The background resources are being deployed.

    After the resource deployment is complete, the experiment countdown will be displayed, and when the countdown ends, the experiment will automatically release related resources.

    Then users can conduct experiments based on the content of the document.

    Feb, 23 2023
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