Python In-Depth Mastery
5 Learned
120 Labs
01 Variables and Data Types
Python Frontier Explorations Pro Start
Elemental Harmony with Python Pro Start
02 Numeric Types
Numeric Types in Futuristic Python Pro Start
Mystic Numerical Manipulations in Python Pro Start
03 Strings
Enchanted Strings in Seraphines Realm Pro Start
Python Strings Expedition Pro Start
04 Booleans
Boolean Secrets in the Desert Pro Start
Boolean Quest in Desert Ruins Pro Start
Python Comments in Enchanted Forest Pro Start
Atlantis Code Deciphering Adventure Pro Start
06 Type Conversion
Pyramid Conversion Adventure Pro Start
Neotropolis Python Conversion Project Pro Start
07 Python Shell
Python VR Coding Experience Pro Start
Python Desert Shell Quest Pro Start
08 Conditional Statements
Fantasia Forest Wizard Quest Pro Start
Glacial Ecosystem Analysis with Python Pro Start
09 For Loops
Foraging in the Frozen Wasteland Pro Start
Interstellar Markdown Mastery Pro Start
10 While Loops
Mariners Looping Adventure Pro Start
Socialite Social Navigation with Python Pro Start
11 Break and Continue
Emperors Python Breakthrough Pro Start
Superhero Team Control Pro Start
12 List Comprehensions
Interstellar Data Manipulation with Python Lists Pro Start
Seafaring Treasure Hunt with Python Pro Start
13 Lists
Pharaohs Python List Adventure Pro Start
Browsing the Python Lists Market Pro Start
14 Tuples
Virtual Tuple Mastery in Python Pro Start
Dynamic generation of Named Tuple class Pro Start
15 Dictionaries
Starry Night Python Dictionaries Pro Start
Dinosaur Data Management System Pro Start
16 Sets
Python Sets Adventure in the Underworld Pro Start
Wizards Forest Quest Pro Start
17 Function Definition
Python Function Quest Pro Start
Check Age Limit Pro Start
18 Arguments and Return Values
Python Enchantment in the Forest Pro Start
Python Maze Navigation Algorithm Pro Start
19 Default Arguments
Python Default Arguments Pyramids Encore Pro Start
Number in RangeStart
20 Keyword Arguments
Sky City Python Keyword Adventure Pro Start
Frozen Terrain Python Scripting Essentials Pro Start
21 Lambda Functions
Lambda Quest in Bennist Island Pro Start
Apply Function When TrueStart
22 Scope
Scope Quest in Pythonic Realm Pro Start
Enchanted Python Scope Secrets Pro Start
23 Recursion
Pythonesias Recursive Adventure Pro Start
The Recursive Arena Battle Pro Start
24 Build-in Functions
Python Functions in Neo Terra Pro Start
Unicode String Pro Start
25 Importing Modules
Pythonic Portal to Codemara Pro Start
Control Your Virtual Environment Pro Start
26 Creating Modules
Space Station Python Modules Pro Start
Python Modules for Intergalactic Warfare Pro Start
27 Using Packages
Desert Python Packages Adventure Pro Start
Find Cloned Soldiers Pro Start
28 Common Standard Libraries
Magical Maritime Python Libraries Pro Start
Concatenating Two Strings Pro Start
29 Classes and Objects
Magical Objects in Python Pro Start
Without Variables and Methods Pro Start
30 Constructor
Imperial Treasures Inventory Management Pro Start
Pharaohs Python Constructors Pro Start
31 Inheritance
Desert Camel Inheritance Training Pro Start
Space City Python Inheritance Pro Start
32 Polymorphism
Starbound Python Polymorphism Pro Start
Python Polymorphism in Treasure Quest Pro Start
33 Encapsulation
Temple of Encapsulated Secrets Pro Start
Accessing the Base Class' Method Pro Start
34 Class Methods and Static Methods
Imperial Methods of Python Pro Start
Haunted Python Methods Adventure Pro Start
35 Catching Exceptions
Whispering Woods Exception Quest Pro Start
Catching the Exception Pro Start
36 Raising Exceptions
Exceptional Spells of Python Pro Start
RuntimeError Exception Pro Start
37 Custom Exceptions
Dragon Knight Exceptions Adventure Pro Start
Assert Expression Pro Start
38 Finally Block
Pharaohs Python Finally Block Pro Start
Python Kingdoms Finally Block Rebellion Pro Start
39 Opening and Closing Files
Python File Quest Pro Start
Statistical Learning Data Pro Start
40 Reading and Writing Files
Icy File Handling in Python Pro Start
Merge Experiment Records Pro Start
41 File Operations
Stellar File Operations in Python Pro Start
Desert File Adventures Pro Start
42 Using with Statement
Cloud Adventures with Python Pro Start
Float Number With Decimal Pro Start
43 Iterators
Python Iterators Arena of Intellect Pro Start
Income Tax Pro Start
44 Generators
Generator Conundrum at the Sanatorium Pro Start
Print Even Numbers Pro Start
45 Decorators
Subterra Python Decorators Adventure Pro Start
Implementing a TTL-enabled Property Decorator Pro Start
46 Context Managers
Starry Python Context Journey Pro Start
Implement RateLimiter Pro Start
47 Regular Expressions
Magical Regex at Hogwarts Pro Start
Regular Expression Matching Pro Start
48 Multithreading and Multiprocessing
Victorian Parallel Computing Pro Start
Guardian of Relics with Python Pro Start
49 Math and Random
Underground Math and Random Adventures Pro Start
Roll Dice in Such a Way Pro Start
50 Date and Time
Mysterious Victorian Time Puzzle Pro Start
Date Flip Pro Start
51 Data Collections
Python Data Collections for Tech Arena Pro Start
Find Missing Letters in a String Pro Start
52 Data Serialization
Python Data Serialization at SAG Pro Start
Nested Key Salary Pro Start
53 Operating System and System
Python Space Colony Operating System Pro Start
Sorting and Organizing Work Files Pro Start
54 Socket Programming
Magical Socket Connections at Carnival Pro Start
Gladiator Control with Python Sockets Pro Start
55 HTTP Requests
Python HTTP Requests Adventure Pro Start
Developing Web Crawler with Requests Pro Start
56 Networking Protocols
Dragon Network Adventure Pro Start
Extracting Nutritional Information Pro Start
57 Numerical Computing
Dawn of Python Numerical Magic Pro Start
Following Is Provided Numpy Array Pro Start
58 Data Analysis
Frozen Data Analysis Adventure Pro Start
Storing Learning Records Pro Start
59 Data Visualization
Enchanted Lake: Python Visualization Quest Pro Start
Conda Environment Management Pro Start
60 Machine Learning
Python Machine Learning Ocean Adventure Pro Start
Python Machine Learning Detective Pro Start


Labby is the LabEx teacher.

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