Linux In-Depth Mastery
25 Learned
224 Labs
001 Text Display
Enchanted Text Display in Linux Pro Start
Linux Enchantment Display Pro Start
002 Screen Clearing
Enchanting Linux Screen Clearing Pro Start
Underwater Clear Screen Journey Pro Start
003 Content Listing
Neoterra Subterranean File Listing Pro Start
Virtual Linux Listing Adventure Pro Start
004 Directory Changing
Desert Journey: Directory Changes Pro Start
Treasure Quest with Linux Directories Pro Start
005 Directory Displaying
Virtual Directory Control Center Pro Start
Forest Navigation with pwd Command Pro Start
006 Directory Creating
Underwater Directory Creation Story Pro Start
Hidden Treasure Directory Creation Pro Start
007 File Creating/Updating
Desert File Adventures Pro Start
Linux File Mastery Showdown Pro Start
008 File Copying
Magical File Copying in Cyberton Pro Start
Desert Copying with Saladin Pro Start
009 File Moving/Renaming
Linux Underwater File Journey Pro Start
Desert Tribe File Migration Pro Start
010 File Removing
Zaras Sandstorm of File Removal Pro Start
Digital Jungle Quest Pro Start
011 Link Creating
Link-Landia Adventures Pro Start
Victorian Linux Linking Adventure Pro Start
012 File Concatenating
Space Concatenation Exploration Pro Start
Ancient Scroll Concatenation Tale Pro Start
013 File Beginning Display
Linux File Intro Nexus Pro Start
Royal File Beginning Display Pro Start
014 File End Display
Linux Endless Revelations Pro Start
Pirate Treasure Linux Quest Pro Start
015 Text Counting
Text Counting in Codeonia Arena Pro Start
Zogs Quest for Text Mastery Pro Start
016 Text Cutting
Linux Text Spells at Hogwarts Pro Start
Enchanted Lake Text Decrypter Pro Start
017 File Paging
Linux File Paging Adventure Pro Start
The Code Crusaders File Quest Pro Start
018 File Scrolling
Temporal File Navigation Pro Start
Scroll Mastery in Linux Pro Start
019 Ownership Changing
Linux Ownership Quest in Temple Pro Start
Restoring Harmony Through Linux Ownership Pro Start
020 Permission Modifying
Medieval Permissions Tale Pro Start
The Sanctum of Permissions Pro Start
021 Wildcard Character
Wildcard Adventures in Atlantis Pro Start
Wildcard Mastery in Data Analysis Pro Start
022 File Searching
Enchanted Castle File Hunt Pro Start
The Finders Quest for Data Pro Start
023 File Locating
Neo-Tokyo File Hunt Pro Start
Dinosaur Artifact Hunt with Linux Pro Start
024 Command Locating
Mystical Linux Command Quest Pro Start
Guardians Lightning Command Mastery Pro Start
025 File/Command Finding
Linux Dinosaur File Quest Pro Start
Enchanted File Quest Pro Start
026 Pattern Searching
Arabian Night Market Search Pro Start
Linux Quest: Pattern Seeking Saga Pro Start
027 Stream Editing
Enchanted Stream Editing Adventure Pro Start
Pharaohs Sed Scroll Secrets Pro Start
028 Text Processing
Galactic Text Processing Adventures Pro Start
Empire Text Data Mastery Pro Start
029 Text Sorting
Future Era Text Sorting Pro Start
Time Maze Text Sorting Pro Start
030 Duplicate Filtering
Linux Duplicate Filtering Quest Pro Start
Supernatural Linux Duplicate Filtering Pro Start
031 Character Translating
Victorian Era Character Translating Pro Start
Sanatorium Translations Pro Start
032 Line Feed Filtering
Mystical Linux Line Feed Journey Pro Start
033 Line Merging
Linux Line Merging in Glacial Future Pro Start
Warriors Line Merging in Linux Pro Start
034 File Joining
Stormy File Joining in Glasland Pro Start
Interstellar File Fusion with Linux Pro Start
035 File Comparing
Robot-Enabled Linux File Comparison Pro Start
Linux File Comparison Adventure Pro Start
036 Common Line Comparison
Linux Command Showdown Pro Start
Time-Traveling Linux Comparisons Pro Start
037 Patch Applying
Atlantis Linux Patch Quest Pro Start
The Enchanted Linux Patch Quest Pro Start
038 Text Editing
Interstellar Text Editing Adventure Pro Start
Enchanting Linux Text Editing Adventure Pro Start
039 File Difference Viewing
Atlantean File Comparison Pro Start
Glacial Galas: Document Disparities Unveiled Pro Start
040 Simple Text Editing
Mystical Linux Text Editing Wizardry Pro Start
Sky Editing Adventure Pro Start
041 Graphical Text Editing
Enchanted Linux Text Editing Pro Start
Empires Gedit Quest Pro Start
042 Archiving
Skyborne Archiving Adventure Pro Start
Futuristic Data Archiving in Linux Pro Start
043 Compressing
Zipmasters Compression Adventure Pro Start
Sand-Inspired File Compression Pro Start
044 Decompressing
Unraveling Linux Frontier Tales Pro Start
Decompressing Adventures in Cyberpunk City Pro Start
045 Arithmetic Calculations
Underground Arithmetic in Neo-Babylon Pro Start
Underground Arithmetic Adventure Pro Start
046 Logic Operations
Logic Quest in Avalon Pro Start
Treasure Quest with Linux Logic Pro Start
047 Text Columnizing
Columnizing at Superpower Academy Pro Start
Linux Text Columnizing Tech Showdown Pro Start
048 Condition Testing
Space Station Condition Testing Pro Start
Snow Queens Linux Testing Quest Pro Start
049 Command Building
Magic and Linux Command Fusion Pro Start
Palace Garden Linux Command Adventure Pro Start
050 Directory Tree Display
Techville Directory Explorer Pro Start
Skyborne Explorers Directory Quest Pro Start
051 Command Assistance
Enchanted Linux Command Forest Pro Start
Stellar Linux Command Odyssey Pro Start
052 Manual Access
Underground Linux Manual Access Pro Start
Linux Manual Quest Pro Start
053 Line Numbering
NovaLynx Linux Line Numbering Pro Start
Desert Line Numbering Adventure Pro Start
054 Input Reading
Tracking T-Rex with Linux Input Pro Start
Unleashing Vidyutpada: Linux Input Mastery Pro Start
055 Text Formatting
Linux Text Formatting Adventure Pro Start
Deep Sea Data Formatting Pro Start
056 Execution Delaying
Ethereal Linux Delaying Scene Pro Start
Desert Racing Pit Stop Timing Pro Start
057 Variable Declaring
Enchanting Linux Variable Tales Pro Start
Oceanic Variable Discovery Pro Start
058 Script Executing
The Wasteland Script Mastery Pro Start
Linux Scripting Adventure Pro Start
059 Shell Exiting
Galactic Shell Exiting Journey Pro Start
Virtual Reality Shell Exploration Pro Start
060 Secure Connecting
Linux Secure Sorcery Pro Start
Galactic Secure Connections with Linux Pro Start
061 Network Connecting
Supernatural Network Connection Quest Pro Start
Interstellar Network Connectivity Adventure Pro Start
062 Secure Copying
Guardians Secure Copying Quest Pro Start
Secure Code Blueprint Transfer Mission Pro Start
063 Secure File Transferring
Secure Space File Transfers Pro Start
Secure SFTP Quest in Linux Pro Start
064 File Transferring
Pharaohs Palace File Transfer Pro Start
065 Networking Utility
Networking with Lord Archibald Pro Start
Treasure Island Networking Adventure Pro Start
066 Network Configuring
Supernatural Networking with Linux Pro Start
Subterra Network Mastery Pro Start
067 Network Monitoring
Aspharion Network Monitoring Adventure Pro Start
Mystical Forest Network Tracking Pro Start
068 Network Testing
Skyborne Network Testing Pro Start
Pingtopia Network Evaluation Pro Start
069 IP Managing
Network Sorcery at Supranatural Academy Pro Start
Spartan Network IP Management Pro Start
070 User Adding
Secure User Management for Linux Pro Start
Wild West User Management Pro Start
071 User Removing
Robot Factory User Management Pro Start
Magical Users Purge in Linux Pro Start
072 User Modifying
Dark Depths of User Modification Pro Start
Frontier User Modifications Pro Start
073 Password Changing
Linux Password Quest in Cyberhaven Pro Start
Snow Kingdom Security Mastery Pro Start
074 Privilege Granting
Emperors Secret Privilege Game Pro Start
Linux Sorcery: Mastering Sudo Pro Start
075 User Switching
Linux User Switching Tales Pro Start
Linux User Transference in Warfare Pro Start
076 Group Displaying
Linux Group Showcase Pro Start
Linux GroupMaster Unveiled Pro Start
077 Group Adding
Linux Group Integration in the Urban Sprawl Pro Start
Linusia Farm Group Management Pro Start
078 Group Removing
Night Market Group Removal Pro Start
Ninja Group Management Mission Pro Start
079 Group Changing
Linux Group Transitions in Ice Kingdom Pro Start
Tribal Group Management in Linux Pro Start
080 User Identifying
Neoterica User Identification in Linux Pro Start
Discovering Your Linux Identity Pro Start
081 Environment Managing
Lost Civilization Environment Management Journey Pro Start
Submersible Linux Environment Management Pro Start
082 User/Group ID Displaying
System Craft User ID Story Pro Start
Magical Beast Tamer ID Revelation Pro Start
083 Shell Setting
Shell Setting in SuperTech City Pro Start
084 Variable Exporting
The Code Guardians Variable Adventure Pro Start
ChronoWarriors Variable Adventures Pro Start
085 Variable Unsetting
Unsetting Variables in Galactic Docking Pro Start
Unsetting Variables Amid Dinosaur Turmoil Pro Start
086 Disk Space Reporting
Galactic Disk Space Analysis Pro Start
Space Exploration Disk Analysis Pro Start
087 File Space Estimating
Olympic File Space Estimation Pro Start
Enchanted Forest Linux Space Wisdom Pro Start
088 File System Mounting
Mounting the Mystical Night Market Pro Start
Ninja Data Mounting Mastery Pro Start
089 Command Repeating
Repeating Commands in Pharaohs Chamber Pro Start
Linux Command Repeating in Tuxville Pro Start
090 Job Scheduling
Mastering Job Scheduling Pro Start
Cosmic Harmony with Linux Scheduling Pro Start
091 System Information Displaying
Space City System Display Pro Start
Galactic System Information Exploration Pro Start
092 Hostname Managing
Neo Haven: Mastering Linux Hostnames Pro Start
Interstellar Linux Hostname Odyssey Pro Start
093 Process Displaying
Hegemony Empire Process Display Pro Start
Sky High Process Magic Pro Start
094 Task Displaying
Linux Task Mirage Discovery Pro Start
Skyward Kingdoms Task Mastery Pro Start
095 Memory Reporting
Memory Reporting in the Pyramids Pro Start
Mystical Memory Adventures in Linux Pro Start
096 Date/Time Displaying
Magical Timekeeping in Linux Pro Start
Linux Timekeeping for Intergalactic Diplomacy Pro Start
097 Command Timing
Enchanted Timing in Linux Forest Pro Start
Time Mastery in Linux Realm Pro Start
098 File Converting/Copying
Linux File Magic Pro Start
Binary Data Shuttle Operation Pro Start
099 Service Managing
Service Management in the Hegemony Pro Start
Linux Mainframe Service Wrangling Adventure Pro Start
100 URL Data Transferring
Neon City Linux URL Transfer Pro Start
Airborne Linux URL Data Transfer Pro Start
101 Non-interactive Downloading
Magical Linux Downloads at Hogwarts Pro Start
Mastering Non-Interactive Downloads Pro Start
102 Package Handling
Linux Package Adventures Pro Start
Package Mastery in Terminal Quest Pro Start
103 Python Package Installing
Python Package Adventures on Linux Pro Start
Pirates Python Package Adventure Pro Start
104 Job Managing
Magical Job Management in Linux Pro Start
Mastering Linux Job Management Pro Start
105 Background Running
Linux Background Nightmare Pro Start
Alien Multitasking on Linux Pro Start
106 Job Foregrounding
Foregrounding Adventures in Linux Pro Start
Mastering Linux Job Foregrounding Pro Start
107 Process Terminating
Terminating the Haunting Process Pro Start
Ninja Process Termination Training Pro Start
108 Multi-Process Killing
Process Slaying in Ming Dynasty Pro Start
Linux Multi-Process Purge Quest Pro Start
109 Pattern-Based Killing
Pattern-Based Killing Pro Start
Banishing Ghosts with Pattern-Based Killing Pro Start
110 Process Waiting
Waiting Processes in Linutopia Empire Pro Start
111 Background Management
Desert Wizards Background Management Pro Start
CosmosHub Linux Mastery Pro Start
112 Output Multiplexing
Guardians of Output Multiplexing Pro Start
Ming Palace Information Flow Management Pro Start
113 Data Piping
Magic Castle Data Piping Adventure Pro Start
Cosmic Data Flow Mastery Pro Start
114 I/O Redirecting
Redirecting the Arena of Linux Pro Start
Magical Potion Mastery with Linux Pro Start


Labby is the LabEx teacher.

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