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Unleash your team's potential with interactive hands-on learning, expansive skill trees, streamlined management and insightful analytics.

Hands-On Learning
Dive into over 6000 interactive labs and 2000+ challenges to boost practical skills.
Expansive Skill Trees
Comprehensive learning paths from foundational to advanced, tailored to your team's needs.
Progress Tracking
Monitor your team's learning progression with detailed reports and analytics.
LabEx Pro Features
Enjoy all LabEx Pro benefits for each team member, enhancing individual learning experiences.

Unlock a World of Learning: 6000+ Labs and 2000+ Challenges

Unleash the power of practical learning with LabEx Teams. Our platform offers a wide range of interactive labs and challenges designed to enhance your team's technical proficiency.

  • A vast library of over 6000 labs and challenges
  • Diverse learning resources across multiple disciplines
  • Hands-on learning experience that boosts engagement and retention

Systematic Learning Path: Skill Trees

Transform your team's learning process with our Skill Tree structure. Designed for progressive learning, our Skill Trees guide your team from the basics to advanced technical concepts in a structured manner.

  • A systematic learning path, from foundational basics to advanced applications
  • Clear, organized pathways through complex technical concepts
  • Structured and efficient learning experience

Effortless Team Management: Simple, Efficient Tools

LabEx Teams eases the process of managing your team's learning journey. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage your team members, saving you valuable time.

  • Straightforward member management tools
  • Simple ways to invite, remove, or manage team members
  • Prorated cost for seating expansion

Insights for Growth: Learning Progress Tracking

Track and measure your team's progress with our comprehensive learning tracking tools. Gain insights into individual and collective performance to better guide your team's learning journey.

  • Comprehensive learning progress tracking
  • Tools to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Data-driven decisions to enhance learning experiences

Standard version

All LabEx Pro benefits for each member
Comprehensive Skill Trees
6000+ Interactive Labs and Challenges
Team Dashboard
Team Member Management
Learning Progress Tracking and Analysis
Billed yearly, starting from 5 seats
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Customized version

Customized Version
All Features of Standard Version
Learning Path Customization
Learner Groups and Content Assignment
API Integration