Intro to Python 3

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Python is a programming language, which is fast to learn and has powerful functions. It provides an abundance of basic modules and third-party modules that could be directly used in programs. It contains a series of functions like database, web development, file operations, etc This Python 3 tutorial provided by migfd is designed for beginners. So if you are new to Python, this is a choice you can't miss. In this courses, exercises and sample code are included to help you gain a better unders

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Basic Syntax of PythonStart Lab
Realization of Personal Tax CalculatorStart Challenge
The Use of List, Tuple, Set and DictStart Lab
FunctionStart Lab
A Post Tax Salary CalculatorStart Challenge
Object Oriented ProgrammingStart Lab
File ProcessingStart Lab
Advanced Features of PythonStart Lab
Multi Process and Multi Threading of PythonStart Lab
Multi Process Payroll CalculatorStart Challenge
Commonly Used ModulesStart Lab


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