At some point you could be feeling the same, confused, anxious, hesitant, you name it. Getting started is always a big step forward especially when you're alone and uncertain about the path you choose. It takes time and effort to locate and curate online resources and sometimes when you are done with discovering good resources, you're already tired.

We know this feeling because we were once the same. In order to release you from the pain, we decide to create a platform collecting all the alpha quality tutorials so that you don't have to wander around in the Internet. And, moreover, get this - we go a step beyond curating tutorials; we have paired virtual environment for them.

Learning to code does NOT equal to immersing yourself in a library and absorbing 5 theoretical books in a week and suddenly you become a pro coder. That's not how things work. Practice is of the utmost importance in the programming journey. Many experienced coders would suggest we give it a 70/30 split between practicing and reading. Hence, we figured out a way to provide you the environment to practice while you read through the tutorials. It all happens simultaneously without switching between interfaces or downloading extra softwares.

In a nutshell - btw thanks for reading this far - we genuinely hope that we can help you in the programming road by making the overall experience fun and fun and fun.