Linux for Noobs

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Linux is an operating system, just like Windows (Win 10, 8, 7) and Mac OS. IIn this course is based on virtual environment built on Linux Ubuntu where you can try out code snippets. If you are familiar with Linux then you can skip this tutorial and start exploring LabEx right away. If Linux sounds new to you, please complete this tutorial which covers all the basic concepts you need to know.

2023-03-24 11:46 Updated
introduction to linuxStart Lab
linux user group and file permissionsStart Lab
add new user and groupStart Challenge
file and directoryStart Lab
environment variable and find filesStart Lab
find a fileStart Challenge
file packing and compressionStart Lab
file system and disk managementStart Lab
get help on linuxStart Lab
backup system logStart Challenge
command execution sequence control and pipelineStart Lab
simple text processingStart Lab
data stream redirectionStart Lab
analyze historical commandsStart Challenge
regular expressionStart Lab
data extractionStart Challenge
software installation on linuxStart Lab


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